DIY Escape Room: Can They Build Their Way Out?

Lowe’s has taken a vacant warehouse and created an epic escape room full of puzzles and challenges specifically designed to test the skills of trade professionals, creators and problem solvers.

Moe, an electrician, and Wes, a home remodeler will be joined by two of our favorite YouTubers and creators, Grant Thompson from the channel, ‘The King of Random’ and Bob Clagett from ‘I like to Make Stuff.’

They will need to rely on their teamwork, creative problem solving, and skills to solve the puzzles and escape the Lowe’s Black Friday DIY Escape Room.

See the behind the scenes video:

This is a Lowe’s original production.

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This DIY Escape Room video is for entertainment purposes only. Do not try this at home without consulting licensed professionals. Lowe’s assumes no responsibility for accuracy or omission of information and disclaims any liability related to the video.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Home Improvement (Nintendo 3DS Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.5)

Today we slip into some more comfortable clothes, order the building of our very own house, & mail passive aggressive letters to the towns folk.

After a long wait, it’s finally time to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Some times it’s nice to just take it slow & appreciate the little things in life. And that’s what Animal Crossing is all about! Besides getting into tremendous debt… but anyways, I’m going to be playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS, as I just hang out with you guys & chat about whatever comes to mind. Let’s take it easy, shall we? Thanks for watching guys! Let me know if you want to see more, what topics to talk about, & let me know if you want to have me visit YOUR town!

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Episode 5: Home Improvement

Gooseton’s Dream Address: 5400-2335-2955

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How To Install Baseboard

Shannon from shows you now to measure, cut, and install MDF baseboard.

Home Improvements New Wood Fence

6′ cedar fence installed on a cold rainy day in fall. complements to the two installers, they worked non-stop and did a great job. contractor web site:

The Weekender: ‘StacyPlays’ Woodland Studio’ (Season 3, Episode 2)

Monica meets Minecraft as renowned gamer StacyPlays gets some DIY magic added to her new streaming studio/mail room combo.

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Grand Homes – Hamptons Model

Peek inside the Hamptons, Grand Homes Model Design in Parker TX.

Home Improvement Projects & Tools : How To Install Quarter Round Molding

When installing quarter round molding, use fasteners long enough to pierce the narrow wood, the cabinet or drywall and the stud without splitting the molding. Carefully install quarter round molding where a cabinet meets the wall with instructions from an experienced carpenter and construction specialist in this free video on carpentry.

Expert: Mark Blocker
Bio: Mark Blocker has more than 30 years experience in residential carpentry, construction and home inspection.
Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

Series Description: Home improvement projects can be as simple as building a closet rod, installing a shelf and adding molding around cabinetry. Get ideas to add value to a home with this free video series on home maintenance.

How To Weatherize Windows With Plastic Film Insulation- DIY Home Improvement

Using less than in materials, Green Dream demonstrates insulating windows, stopping drafts and reducing conduction of heat to outdoors.
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Home Improvement Farewell

Bye Home Improvement

Building Simple Box Columns – DIY Front Porch Home Improvement!

Changing the Exterior look and adding a little curb appeal is easier than you think! Here’s just one of many One day projects that can bring your dated or lackluster house a little style. Box columns are easily constructed using tools many homeowners already have or can be borrowed from your handy neighbor. I’m using everyday, dimensional lumber from lowes and home depot. The particular boards are 2X8’s and 2X6’s. These columns are sitting on top of brick posts with concrete caps. The base block for the wood column, made from pressure treated lumber, is attached with an expanding masonry bolt to the concrete cap. Everything else is constructed with exterior grade decking screws. All screws are recessed into the wood with a special bit that drills a pilot and counter sink hole, it also keeps the wood from splitting.

Check back for more videos soon, this is the first of many. And if you’d like to see more, I also have two other YouTube channels. One, “The Homestead Craftsman” is all about being a craftsman, tools, wood, metal, leather, making, fixing and doing.
The second channel is “Square Inch” is specifically on the topic of another TINY house on wheels that I’m building. Check them both out and see what you think.

Thanks for watching.